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How will i earn blogging?
There are some specific services which allow users to place advertisements in between their posts, so when people visit your blogs and if they find Relevant adds they click on it , an their click generate revenue.

Google Adsence.
Its the official add service offered from google , for you to publish ads in ur blogs , You should atleast owna blog of 1yr publishing age, and terms are that u should not post pornography content, and clicking on your own ads may disable ur account.
Compared to any add service google adsence displays add relating to your posts or sites criteria

Arent there any services like adsence?
There are lot of sites which offer the same  services, like contera, infolinks, where you can use common tags like adds pop up within words.

Smotion is Some what like Adsence You can Publish Ads as if in Google Adsence
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Can we use The Smotion along with Google Adsence?
Yes we can use Smotion ads along with Google adsence im already using it.

You Say Too

You Say too is a revenue Sharing Community, blogging site where u can publish ur Site feed , which can be viewed by lot of users ,Join Now

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