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Lost with out my 3G mobile

Technology has Evolved a lot , has become a Portal for any activity . . . .
Mobile phones Small and Smart . capable of handling transactions within fraction of seconds


all the above technology's are a part of my daily activity,

My starts with an Alarm, i snooze my mobile wake up check for SMS ,any interesting SMS i forward to others ,
Within a min i am done sending to almost all my contacts . . .Just after refreshing bath my mobile alerts me about any events i added. . . Thats how i walkout from my room . . .

While having Breakfast i check my mails directly through my mobile. . .

My full clarity 3.2 mega pixel camera provides me great advantage no t to miss a beautiful girl nor a Scenery or a Moment of life . . .

Maps Navigation
In a city like Hyderabad its not too easy identifying the locations, but i nerer felt it complicated ,i always use GPS in my mobile ,and more added support the " Google maps" we  can even perform routing to other end simply standing at a same location

Social websites  are providing mobile  apps for mobilephones we can access orkut,facebook, twitter,and manymore 

with out any of the features i feel very suffocating


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