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Can i Run This Game

Yes each and every day i just spend downloading loads of games , and after installing i reailize it does no suit my pc.

among which many games i downloaded ” popped up an error”.


I found the solution to my problem,

Its not my alone problem lot of us face it right

Yes !     yes       !


Recently I  went across


Instant Expert Analysis is a patent-pending technology that allows websites to have a one-click method for rapidly analyzing a users hardware and software. The results are then instantaneously compared to a comprehensive database of requirements. In seconds, a detailed report is provided that includes results and recommendations that benefit the user.


Its a product of image


These are a group of experts which bench mark Hardware Requirements for a Software ,or Gaming applicatios on pc


These are some of the companys which use This tools from this site

Like for example some vendor site easily identify hardware of our pc

Eg : drivers download the browser determines ur Hardware


image   image

image   image

image    image    image



How to use this Site ? ?

Quick guide

1 . Go to



2 . Type the name of the product Or click the drop down box and search for the product


3. if it is first time the browser will prompt to install Activex / Java

Click Here to Download

4. After that You will get an Alert


You will need to give your permission to download a secure ActiveX/Java browser component.

Note: The Steps 3& 4 Occur at first run only.

5.Make sure that u click Always trust . so as to ensure proper running of the Expert analysis  .. .




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