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Cell Phones a Threat to our Generation

Since 1993 Cell phones have ruled the Telephone Industry,In the Advent of 21st Century People are getting Exposed to Newer Technology's,Which might have Simplified our lives but they are causing lot of Damage to Our Health , Are u a Telephone addict do u Spend hours talking on a Mobile Phone ,Watch this video


Mobiles Evolved a lot from A Big Shoebox to a Small Nano,Now a Days People really can live with anything,But not with out a mobile Phone

Stop Using China mobiles, What if Branded mobiles created with good Spares emit lot of Radiation, What about China Mobiles ,No limit of Radiation

popping Out of Popcorn Using Mobile's
Boil Water
I Really cant tell weather Technology is A boon or Bane , i feel its
boon as lives are moving really on Express High way, but what about the Side Effects of Technology's.

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