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Google Headquarters

For any software professional getting in to Google might be a Dream, 9 of 10 think in the Same manner. . . .
But Y ?

Come take a look at the googles working Environments and How they Encourage Employees in their Interests
These photos are mostly from the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, but some pictures were taken at the Google New York City offices.

If you worked in the Google headquarters, you could bath in a lap pool, have a massage in a massage room and if too tired, take a nap in a nap capsule and many other stuff.
There are  plenty of cool offices but any of the Google offices around the world are the best!

Work and Love to Work in Google Offices

Discover the Creativity within U, With the freedom they offer

Working in Google has always been Fun and New everyday

The place to Relax and Have fun


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