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Google Me : Aims at Facebook

Google is one of the remarkable Company's, with lot of Useful Products , Google's Buzz, Orkut were Down in Popularity , Facebook with its Approaches is luring Everyone to Stick to it,Even the once popular Sites Myspace ,Ning,Tagged. . . almost all  were Startled with Facebook's Success, It Drove the Entire Traffic out of the Map
                   This all Started When Founder of “Digg” Kevin Rose,  in one of his tweets where he mentioned Facebook’s potential competition could be launched by Google.
The rivalry first started with Facebook managing to beat Google in the race of “The Most Visited Site in US”, that prompted the more apprehensive Google to launch Google Buzz.


Google’s Lively-Google Buzz , Turn up in to untouched leaves. . .So now its was clear that Google was serious about its social Networking Site ,Lot of People Thought they were all Rumours But Surprisingly it was true.image
Facebook was the Most Successful Social Network with Approximately 500 million Users world wide ,Facebook was underestimated that after achieving face book would Stagnate its Growth , but face book is moving fast with lot of Cool Ideas each and everyday ,The main aim of Face book is To make Users Stay connected with face book, We can see lot of Websites are including “Login with Facebook” Its simple We browse another Site it doesn't mean we are off line , We are Still Browsing in Facebook Boundary . .

Even a single hint was not Released ,Not a Word about Features , or Technology's Used,But  its the Top priority project happening at Google right now, but Googlers say its gone Swipe Off Facebook. . . .So lets wait for Google Me. . .
I am eagerly Waiting For Google me , What Innovation would Google Pop out This time. . . .Winking smile


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