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The Advent of Modern Web Browsers


Web Browsing might not be possible if we don't have a Browser

I can tell u that Browsers are designed with rules on

HTTP-“Hyper Text Transfer Protocol”

When we enter a

URL-Universal Resource Locator

Browser locates the address and shows us the Information at that “Url”.

Browsers had undergone lot of evolution,In 1990’s     when Tim Berners lee first browsers came in to existence, There was no Graphical interface at that time,The innovation of Browser led to more better Hardware and Software’s,Before there used to be browsers which are very slow and just used to display in the format of Dos Programs


Mean While in 1993 Experts at “University of Illinois” at NCSA where working on a project called Mosaic, With the Creation “Mosaic Browser” the first Graphical Web browser,It all Started.image It was a Great Innovation,This mosaic browser of 1993 formed the main Source code for all the existing Supported FTP,NNTP,Gopher protocols. .




Mosaic “ The first Internet Browser”

The Mosaic Founders, Influenced by its success  stared their own company “Netscape”  Netscape became the most used Browser at that time,Which also Supported Http and Udp,Even the same Internet Explorer was used By Apple In Mac os as a Default Browser.

As Mosaic was made free source ,almost all the top company's started researching on Mosaic,Even Microsoft felt the importance of a Browser and finally released Internet Explorer in 1995,With Windows 95 . . .


1995-Internet Explorer First Look

With the Addition of this Single Feature Microsoft was able to Dominate the operating system market ,The year 1995 Internet Explorer ruled the Web World”…

Opera in 1996,was not so successful web browser,Mozilla Foundation Started in 1998,They Released Mozilla Navigator  in 2002 ,Which is the producer of The most Famous Browser “Mozilla Firefox”

Safari is Apple's First Web Browser ,Which was released in 2003 .

Google's  released in September 2008,Its the Most fastest Browser ,Among all the Browsers it seems that lot of users are moving up to Google's innovation “Google Chrome”. .

Quick Summary

1990-WWW started Research on Web Browsers

1991-WWW Web Browser

1992-Mosaic Browser in NCSA

1993- mosaic Browser lead to a Vast Internet Boom.

1994-Netscape took the Head Start

1995-Internet Explorer Grabbed the Whole Web Market.

1996-Opera Started , But failed to catch many Users

1998-Mozilla Corporation Was Incorporated

2003-Apple Safari Released

2004-Mozilla Firefox was Realised



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