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Romantic movies

These are the best movies i ever watched, After watching these movie one would really think about their loved ones,or just feel “Why  why did i never met people like this.
Each and Every movie is a Master Piece a Unique Love Story, Each has one Thing in common Love and Romance,i am not giving any ranking for these movies each an every movie is Special.
Come Frost your self in the world of love
  If Only ( 2004 )
The Plot is There will be two lovers, one day the guy dreams of his girl being dear,and  he wakes up finding her alive, the dream looks so real, he even meets people he found in the dream , and every thing starts happening as it was in the dream that morning, so He Realises its gone happen and will show his entire love upon his girl friend,What if U have a Single Day to Show your lover How much You Love Her,But there is a Twist in the Story. . . .Watch the movie
This movie definitely lets your heart skip a beat (almost every time). It can make you cry too. If Only is recommended to anyone who is a romantic at heart. This one will certainly get you.

What if we get a second Chance
Comedy and Romance
Release Date:
TBA 2004 (wide)
MPAA Rating:
PG-13 for some sexual material.
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment



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