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Social Networking Is Not a Big Hit in India

The main Drawback Seems Technology,Compared to any developed nations,India lacks behind in technology,we don't have cheaper internet tariffs,and a common man cant afford an internet connection.
Facebook,Orkut,Ibibo,myspace,Twitter. . . . many more
Many Social networking sites are build in a way that people stay online more than any sites, even job portals we just log off simply,but in social websites we simply surf and surf more

What's happening is we are not able to stay online,just for reason that our friends have accounts we just create accounts in networking sites,and check them once a month or quarterly.

Though Internet is a Modern Asset , we still haven't seen the full implementation, in-future we can expect high speed internet Access ,Which even a common man can afford.

lack of Friend's we Expect
I have my Facebook account i stay online for hours mostly 16-22hrs,To my Surprise no one chats with me,Even if they come online, its due to lack of interest, i cant with A one day, next day i don't want to chat with the same user.
Mobile Technology's
From 2008 i started using 3g mobile,anticipating the arraival of 3gservices in India, but what happened my mobile is critically damaged and in the mean time i even changed 2 new mobile phones,
Yes we have the Complete 3G supported devices in India, But The joke is they are going to launch This 2010 December. . . and one of my friend told me that he already has the mobile of 4G technology.
its because lack of perfect mobile Services in India, There are not too many users who access Facebook through mobiles. . . .
I guarantee u Right now with the services available
The whole of  first month u get addicted to mobile services.
The second month u feel going to internet shop is better than mobile internet service.
The third month u Start calling the service provider saying”Internet has become slow in my mobile”.

Hope i future we wil have high speed internet services in mobiles. . . . 

Computer Education has been mandatory in many country's, in Usa they encourage kids to use computers at the age of 7,Computer the internet are the main essence of education in Developed nations,
But in India u can find a computer Engineer who try to learn Computer basics after their Graduation. . . yes 70% of Engineering Students don't know the perfect use of Internet.or the basic computer Software.
There Should be internet a part of academics in the Course curriculum,Encouraging Collection of article from the internet, will resolve this issue. . .
When people understand the web they Start utilizing it.

Younger generation will be benifitted, and will know the perfect use of internet, and envelop new means of possibilities through internet,

It is expected that the internet Traffic Triples by 2015 in India


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