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Things not to do on Social Networking Websites

 *1  Passwords
Maintain Strong passwords,many users try to use password containing your name ( first name or last name)or telephone numbers , Which can be easily guessed by people you are acquaintance with,Even lot of Websites are recommending ysers not to use first names as passwords,Combination of alphabets and Numbers mean a Strong Password

Eg : a2b4c6d8  its easy to remember and a Strong pass word

 *2 Assets & Interests
Don't mess up , by Publishing all the assets you have,Like U have a Ferrari u have Bungalows,or telling your bank information to Alien People,whom you haven't seen or known,Any Personal feelings have to remain within U and Friends, and not to be Known to the World and Beyond
Eg: In 2007 a Guy met some friends online ,They started sharing information about assets,this is What happened.
Adnan Patrawala, son of a , who was kidnapped and then murdered by his friends, was a frequent Orkut visitor and met them on the site. This is not first of such incidents; one may remember the case of Kaushumbi who was also murdered by the guy she met on orkut.
His Profile Info
Adnan’s Orkut profile says, I love mobiles, friends, my mother, fast driving, humorous, good looking, wanna become a pilot etc.

. Two or three weeks back he came in contact with Angel, a profile created by someone by utilizing the name of a girl. Scrapbooks of Adnan and called him out for a date, and killed him.imageAngel revealed that they were continuously talking to each other. According to scrapbooks, Angel was continuously insisting Adnan to meet her, but Adnan wanted Angel’s photograph first, which was never sent by her. In reply Angel said " Don’s worry? m quite & gud looking, u wanna meet me??? Lez mette up na! wot say?" Finally on Saturday Adnan replied that he wanted to meet her, which became the cause of his death.
Sources Revealed that Adnan “loved to spend money on his friends”, drove a Skoda car, love to party This made a Result of his death

3* Posting Photographs ,Threat to Ur Children or loved ones
Post Pictures , But please ensure that , you don't post matters personally, like the address, The School where your Sisters or Sons study.this will definitely lead u in to Trouble if u are Rich. Even Try to post Address only Visible to your friends.or for Girls i Recommend no, please maintain Privacy. .There are lot of idiots out side. for money or any thing .

*4 Status of Your Profiile . . .
Remember its a Social networking website to sustain it requires as many foes as many as friends, u can see that in your facebook,orkut,. .u avoid some profiles even they are in your friends list, u ignore people,so its the same world as we live in,This are What makes a Social Network Successful, I have seen my friends became foes for one of my friend started  to rip the others farm in farmville . . .Maintain some sense in mind while posting or commenting anyone on the site, I u Share a password with any one Remember that you are giving acess to your complete information to Your friend or foe

An Example

* Tweets can spell trouble in divorce cases

Pavan Duggal, a Supreme Court lawyer
"The IT Act of 2000 was primarily legislation promoting e-commerce and the concept of social networking was not even heard of then. Thus, this clause was incorporated because of the widespread use of microblogging and social networking sites."
"This trend is catching up now, specially in divorce cases, although it started only last year,"

Citing Anu Sharma's example, Duggal said:
"Her husband used to give her excuses that he was going out on business tours. But instead he would meet friends and socialise. Finally, he was caught when on one of his 'so called' business tours,
he tweeted: 'Having a great time with friends over beer, I am in town, come over and join me.'

"Tweets and status messages are usually taken up as secondary evidence. And they are as important as the primary ones,"
He said even an angry tweet or status message like, "I hate my wife", if produced in court as a printout or screen shot becomes secondary evidence.

"Any written word available in the public domain can be used under this Act. A statement like this can be used on grounds of mental cruelty,"

Karnika Seth, attorney at law firm Seth Associates who specialises in cyber crime.

"There are couples who are filing for divorce on reasons which could not have been proved before, but with tweets and status message updating several times a day, it works as additional evidence, often making adultery easy to prove,".

She also added that many people used to hire private detectives, but this had become a new way of finding the truth.

"In one such case, a man had e-mailed threatening messages to his wife. His IP address could be traced, but the message was not digitally signed, thus the messages were taken as a secondary evidence and a divorce case was filed."

A numeric address or domain name given to a website to track it is called IP address. Digital signatures are specially designed icons or even one's original sign encrypted on the e-mails are the two criteria on the basis of which primary or secondary evidence is distinguished.
Blogs and chat messages can also be used as evidence.
As the clause is only a few months old, no specific statistics is available yet on how many people have used tweets or status messages in legal matters.

*5 Using Spam Detection methods
The Social networking designers are smart enough to sway the activities ,When ever we get any invitation u will have a dialogue box saying yes or no,Even if we have realized that particular person is threat for you , Simply go to the persons Profile and Select mark as Spam, or  Report User Options .

*6 Profile Privacy
In Each and every Social Network , we have an option that we can securely share our personal information just with our friends, and anonymous users cant see our profile data, Please always hide your profile, only be transparent for 20 %, Don't reveal completely.when your friend's request Personal Info then u can Share them.
How to do it on Orkut and Facebook
Login in to your Orkut Account acd click on the link to change ur privacy settings

Open Facebook on account,you can See Privacy Settings. There you can change your privacy Settings. .or Just login and click on this link to customize the settings.

*7 Public Places
We often visit Public places, like internet cafe. we simply login without unchecking   “ Keep me signed on”imageimage
Some times it will be auto checked,Remove the Check mark.
Checking the Box will make others to access your account if you forget to signoff,So Better Suggestion is to clear the passwords and Browsing History . . before leaving the Internet cafe, or a Shared computer.. .
Or you can try using Private Browsing option on the Webbroser
Browser>Tools tab>Click on Private Browsing
The Browser will not Store any information about your Session,Ur Browsing History.
How to delete the Private Data(Passwords)
Browser>Options>Click Security Tab>open SavedPasswords.
or Click “Clear Cookies”.
Its the place where browser stores password Clearit


  1. If the judiciary will continue to fail delivering justice,people will start taking the law into their hands,especially when it comes to cases like this where a father is seeking justice for his murdered son.If that happens it could be very well the beginning of the end of India as a civilized society.

  2. No its not beginning or End of Society, No one is crossing the line, Some things happen not only online this thing may also happen Directly in real world,

    It is Just we should not reveal what we are to everyone

    and its not about India its about the world Wide Web


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