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Torrents : What You Need to Know About Torrents

Torrents The ultimate “P2P” files  Peer to Peer Exchange files.

The working of torrent is really Amazing

There Will be a Torrent Tracker Which will Track The availability of files In the P2P Communication.

* When ever we Download a File if the link Breaks the file download Stops.But Torrents are active files which are not maintained in a server or a Single location.

def: A torrent file stores metadata used for BitTorrent. It is defined in the BitTorrent specification






Working Of a Torrents


1. The initial File seeder creates a torrent file and uploads it .

2.The torrent file will be downloaded by Downloaders.

3. You can see In the Existing Downloaders .


Existing Downloaders

Existing Downloaders not only download files,

They also act as a Seed to the new and Existing Downloaders.

The file we download is downloaded as pieces (Packets).

Eg :     I download  12% of file from one seeder

23% from another seeder ,4% from Main Seeder . like that.

The ratios are not constant will Vary.

What i mean to Explain is we are downloading a single file from multiple locations in proportions.

* Even if the Original Seeder Stops Seeding We can Still Download the file file from existing Downloaders, As we are not connected only to the main seeder.

4.Torrent Tracker  :

Torrent tracker just keeps the track of files and the Percentage of files downloaded by the Existing downloaders,and links the p2p among all the peer connections . . .

The Tracker is periodically updated by the clients p2p software .     

5. Client Software :

A client Software is a Software Which facilitates the download of torrent files.

  • it loads the torrents
  • Keeps track of torrent trackers
  • Updates torrent tracker
  • Communicates with other peers 



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