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A-Z Feeling of Youth

Youth is a Stage in Life , Where all Just feel lot of Feelings.

Many say that people just commit mistakes in Youth Stage and suffer lifelong of Agony. These feeling which we feel in this stage will be Surpassed in our life Further . And later we dont feel them. So enjoy the Good feelings and the Bad ones Too Smile with tongue out


A: Affection,Adolescence,Angry for Nothing,Astronomy

B: Burdened with books,Bothered of Life,Brotherhood

C: Commitments, Courage, Confidence,Creative Sometimes, Confused always

D: Dominate ,Dishonest, Disguise, Depressed,Disturb and be Disturbed, dull,Disappointed

E: Excitement, Energetic, Elevate,Egoistic, Evasive, Embarrassed, Envious, Explosive

F: Free, Friendly, Forgiving,Funny, Frustrated, Fed-up,Foolish.

G: Grateful, Glad, Gentle,Greedy, Guilty.

H: Honest, Heroic, Happy, Hope, Humiliated, Hesitant,Hurt.

I: Insight,Inspired, Independent, Ignored, Immature,Insecure, impatient

J: Jovial, Justified, Judgemental, Jealous

K: Keen.

L: loving, lively, lost, lonely, low

M: Mind-blown, Magnificent ,Mixed-up, Mad, Mournful

N: Natural, Nutty,Naughty, Nasty,Narcotic

O:  Open, Overwhelmed.

P:  Powerful,Proud, Puzzled, Petrified, Pooped.

Q: Quarrelsome.

R: Romantic,Robust,Respect,Resentful,Rejected.

S:  Strong ,Special,Silly, Sharp, Stupid, Serious,Sex,Style

T: Tenderness,Thoughtful, Thrill,Trusting,Threatened,Tired, Troubled,  Trapped

U: Understanding, Uneasiness, Used, uncertain, uncomforted.

V: Violent,Vigorous, Vibrant,Velvet.

W: Wanted, wounded,Will

X: X-rayed

Y: Youthful

Z: Zombie


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