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Rajasthan Paintings

Rajasthan is definitely a place of art, lot of paintings, craftworks can be found there,I would like to present u some of Rajasthan Paintings  which are worth a look. Some are oil paintings , observe all the colors are natural and obtained from Vegetables and natural resources.
Most of Rajasthan paintings portray women,Women is supposed to be the Most beautiful Beings,Even they are in picture or in the real world they bring beauty. . .

A Girl on Bed, She is really awesome it seems like she is in love . .
The best part of these paintings are they are lively and Communicate
A woman with a Drum

A lady holding a Flower, it resembles the state of mind she is so Pleasant and inviting

A Tender lady with a Deer

A Couple in the midst of great Rajasthan Desert

A painting which states the golden ornaments which they use, the Saree is very well designed
A Beautiful lady in Romantic mood Anticipating her lover, She is Very well dressed . .

Most of Beautifull women are used for amusement , like for dancing singing

Look at the 2d picture which shows a girl swinging and at the same time ,A girl is thinking behind, i would  appreciate the art work of the Creative mind

Women watching a parrots inside cage
A Female Singer between two Musicians

Rajasthan women are Beautiful, and they give lot of importance in the Way they dress, their ornaments,they dress in a perfect way so as to attract their opposite sex, any way its a  lovely time Exploring Rajasthan art have fun ;)


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