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Shift in the way u look , How does things look in 90 * shift

Have u Ever thought how the World looks of the photos are Shifted to 90*,
Check the Photos which really might amaze u, All try to look at photos which are casual and people never try to change the angle, but some photos really amaze us when they are rotated .

A woman on Swimming pool. . .

What if a Statue is tilted as it  is constructed upside never happens in an normal world its just a photoshop trick

Its a picture in Museum which is just about a warrior sitting on a tilted of a Horse

upside down home interior
This house is really constructed just for commercial purpose,Upside-down homes and houses as art installations or even strange-but-livable spaces are nothing new, but these builders went out of their way to make sure theirs would stand out from the crowd – most notably by installing every furniture, furnishing and fixture object, element and device they could think of to make the work complete on the interior as well as the exterior.

What if u woke up and come out of ur house finding that u are in a river, that's in the midst of the city u live

This is just a rotated picture , observe it clearly


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