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Burn Multiple (Xvid,DivX,AVI) files on One DVD

Nowadays.. we always download movies (latest or oldies) from internet either using torrent or direct download or having many family videos and you want to put them into DVD movie format for better keeping. But then come the question.. how we wanna watch these videos in our Standalone DVD player for family viewing at Home?... Hmmmm
So here steps that I did for converting and burning the videos into DVD movie;

1. Download this software.

2. Install both softwares. The WinAvi need the codecs so that it can convert with external subtitle to be put inside the video. To have better subtitle interface, change the .srt file into .ssa or .sub, how? right click on .srt file, open with notepad, save as (choose option all files), put .ssa or .sub after the file name.

3. Follow pictures steps. Click DVD for creating DVD movie...


4. If one video, it will show only that menu. Other menus (see picture in step 5) will show up if you want to convert many videos such video clip or drama.


5. This picture show the other option how we can convert the videos.. if you want to burn one movie on one DVD, choose convert to separate DVD. If you want to convert multiple videos into one DVD, choose convert in single DVD.


6. Click the ADVANCED button. If you just convert one video in one DVD.. disable the DVD menu option. If you want to convert multiple video in one DVD, enable the DVD menu option. It will create thumbnail for each video in the single DVD.


7. Click OK to convert, and the process is began.


8. Then in your converted folder.. you will see these files.. (in picture 6)


9. To start burn these files in DVD. Start Nero Burning ROM (version 6,7 or 8 will do). Select the DVD-Video burn option.


10. Put all the videos files in converted video folder (everything) into video folder in DVD for burning as shown in picture 8. Then, click BURN button.


11. After finished burning, test your DVD to play in your DVD player. Enjoy!

1. Choose the quality setting base on your video selection. Movie with duration below 1hr 30min can fit in one DVD with HIGHER quality setting. Four Xvid Movies (1 hr 30min duration) and Three Xvid Movies (2 hr 30 min duration) can fit in one DVD with LOWER quality setting.

2. The time of converting is depend on individual PC performance, mine (Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66GHz with Sapphire ATI HD3850 256MB 256Bit graphic card) I manage to convert one movie in 15 minutes (+-)

3. Before burn the videos into DVD, you can test the quality using Power DVD or other DVD player software by playing the converted DVD folder.


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