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How to Distinguish Fake And Original Memory Cards

Memory Cards are essence to the Existing Technology, there would be no Device with out Memory or Storage Medium, There is always a possibility for Fraud scent cases during buying a Memory Card

I had listed some of the Steps which will help you in purchasing a memory card Fake cards are not so easy to Distinguish from the Genuine cards.


Take a Close look at the Cards the Fake memory card does not have a trade mark logo and u can also see ”D” in SanDisk is faded lightly.



Fake card will not have a Serial no, Serial no is the production identity of the product.


The hologram will be absent or it looks faded.


The fake card lacks a notch , notch hold the card perfectly in a device, fake cards lack the notch



Sony Pro Duo Cards

How to know weather a card is fake or orginal or duplicate is difucult, its completely dependent on the design issues for sony, Original cards have good Printed Engravation of Sony, and more over the edges u can take a look in the pictures,





Hope this would help u identifying the Genuine Memory Cards cu again


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