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Rupee Symbol in Short( Indian currency )

curr symbol_Avi

Most countries in the world have distinct identification symbols for their currency – $ represents the US Dollar, £ is used for GBP, € for Euro, etc. and now India has official currency sign for the Indian Rupee.
The winning symbol was created by Uday Kumar, a post-graduate student at the Indian Institute of Technology.
He beat 3000 other entries to win the cash prize of 250,000 rupees ($7,388).
The symbol is an amalgam of the Indian Devanagari script Ra and the Roman capital letter R without the stem.


How to get this symbol in your Computer..??
Do you want this symbol in your text documents.....
1. Download this Font and install it.

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Other Shortlisted Designs For Indian Rupee:

Shahrukh J Irani

Shibin KK

Hitesh Padmashali

Nondita Correa-Mehrotra


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