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Know your Girlfriend by her Sunsign

Gift your girl an exotic spa session if she's a Taurean, anautobiography is good enough to impress your Libran boss, but anorganiser for your Arian beau will only end in a boo-boo.

Be it pampering your beloved, expressing affection to a dearfriend or impressing your boss, nothing beats the magic of a 'wellselected' gift. If a right gift, presented at the right time can assurean entry into the receiver's heart, an ill suited surprise may just bea spoil sport.

If the receiver's personality, his interests and likings areconsidered while finding a present, taking into account his/her 'Sunsign' is another sure-shot way to find an ideal gift for a person.

So, here's an Astro-guide on gifts that perfectly pamper every zodiac sign. With this at hand, your gift will never be a dud:


Fire sign Arians are usually aggressive, fiery and impulsive.Anything that saves time is a huge a hit with them. Since Arians arealso playful and active, gifts related to sports, athletics andadventure are ideal for them. Also, presents that suit their face andhead work well for them. But, make sure you don't pick up anythingthat' s overtly practical or too challenging for an Arian'sorganisation al abilities.
Gift Tip: A golf set, games like chess/ monopoly/ poker, anadventure sports session, a gadget like a 'swiss knife' that saves themfrom time consuming hassles, a hat, cool cap, a classy bandana ormake-up kit are the best choices.

Taureans are luxury lovers who don't mind showing-off. Suckers foreverything good in life, Taureans love being pampered with luxury andopulence. As they make a physical sign, Taureans also like giftsrelated to their bodies. Ruled by Venus, sensuality and sensitivity istheir main quality, so pamper their senses and you'll be loved backwith equal gusto. Anything that adds to their wealth is welcomed bythem.
Gift Tip: An exotic massage session, lavish jewellery especiallyfor the neck, tickets to a theatre or a visit to an art gallery, aplush silk scarf, a wallet or even financial stocks and bonds makegreat options.

Intellectual to the core, Geminis appreciate gifts that stimulatetheir intellectual needs. Known as talkers, gift them anything relatedto communication and expression and they'll be all yours forever.Since, Geminis are versatile souls, doing a mix-n-match of two threegifts can please them immensely.
Gift Tip: A magazine subscription, informative videos or books,communication -related things like cell phones, address books, stylishletterheads or even a pen would suffice. Gloves, rings or watches toowork for them.

Ruled by home and home-related matters, gifting something that brings Cancerians closer to their family and home
is likely to be loved by them. Being touchy and
emotional they'll really appreciate your effort if you gift themsomething hand-made. As Cancer rules the stomach andthe ruler Mooncontrols the digestive system, they may also like gifts related tocooking.
Gift Tip: Photo albums, photo frames, decorative artefacts fortheir home, hand-made cards or anything that you can put yourcreativity into, cook books or a cooking gadget.

Leos enjoy performing arts and creativity, so an easy way to winthem is with an 'entertaining gift'. Gold and crystals are also high ontheir wish list. Dramatic and extravagant that Leos are, findingsomething well-suited to their core personality does the trick forthem. They also love dressing up, so clothes are again a good option.They love to gamble so a casino trip is a viable option. Make them feellike a king or a queen and they will be the happiest people on Earth.
Gift Tip: A home theatre, LCD TV, tickets for the movies or adance performance, lottery tickets, a game of poker, a trip to acasino, a lavish lunch/dinner, attires in bold colours such as red,gold, purple are what their heart desires.

Virgos are very hard-working and involved in day to day activities,so anything that helps them keeping pace with their routine will beloved by them. Usually business minded-people, they'll appreciate agift that makes them wealthier. Gifts related to their health can alsowork for them. Pets also make a fine option for a Virgo.
Gift Tip: An organizer, calendar, personal digital assistant,briefcase , stocks and bonds, jewellery, health club membership, a petpooch or gold fish are a few gift options to make a Virgo feel on topof the world.

Librans value relationships. So, anything that reminds them of yourbonding with them is likely to score well. They are great appreciatorsof beauty and sensuality, so beautiful and artistic things make goodgift options for them. Being in the seventh house, which is governed bya 'reflection of self', Libran girls appreciate make-up related items.
Gift Tip: A photo of yourself with him/her, a self composed poem,biographies of famous people, beautiful paintings, flowers, make-up,mirrors are preferred choices.

Mystery loving Scorpions enjoy a suspense thriller book or a movie. They love to explore the unexplored, so they
love a telescope or a binocular. You can please them with a sportygift and even jewellery. Last, but not the least, tease their sensualside with a personal gift and they're bound to love it.
Gift Tip: How about getting them the latest suspense book or a DVDof a thrilling movie, sports equipment, a membership at a sports club,cufflinks, jewellery, since intimate and personal gifts also work forthem, try playing naughty with your guy/girl.

Born with a scholastic bent of mind, Sagittarians can be won overby intellectual gifts. They are also close to culture and spirituality, so don't forget to search options in that territory. Travelling istheir passion, so options are unlimited.
Gift Tip: An impressive coffee-table book or a huge encyclopaedia, anything that adds to the Sagittarian' s knowledge would be appreciated. A trip to a pilgrimage or a meditation session at a spiritual guru'sabode impresses them, trips far and wide or a lunch or dinner coucherat a multi-cuisine hotel is a great options to impress Sagittarians

Capricorns are known to be ambitious and disciplined. A gift thathelps them in their career and profession is loved by them. They alsolove to be pampered with if you have the moolah, the sky isyour limit.
Gift Tip: A self help book, business card holder, CD on personalgrooming, a purse, bag, a classy wall clock, a stylish watch, andanything that shouts luxury is their dream choice.

Aquarius is the sign indicating progress and networking.Technolo gical items or anything that's radical makes a good gift forAquarians. If you know that they are working on a specific project, youcan gift them books related with their project or something that mayinterest them the most! They like novelty in ideas, so anything unique,no matter how simple would be loved by them. Since the sign is ruled byankles, you can give them the right accessories for their ankles aswell.
Gift Tip: Innovation is the key, give them a new herbal tea or aninvigourating yoga session. Also, books and CDs to help them or apretty anklet or cool socks are gifts for an Aquarian.

Pisceans love fantasy and illusion. They have a special interest inart and spirituality. Give them something that challenges or pamperstheir creativity and they'll be impressed. Water babies, that Pisceansare, they can be easily won over with anything related to water. Sportsare also another area of interest for a Piscean. Being the lastsun-sign, Pisceans rule the feet, so anything related to their feet isa good option for a Piscean.
Gift Tip: Oil paints, tickets to a drama show or a movie, a book -specifically of sentimental poems, membership at an elite swimmingpool, an exotic cruise, sailing lessons, or even a new swimsuit arelikely to be appreciated. Pisceans also love scented bath oils orfloating candles. Things as simple as nice footwear, socks or even asoothing pedicure session or foot massage can help you win over a Piscean.


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