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What You Need To Know Building mobile apps with HTML5, CSS3

What You Need To Know
Building mobile apps with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript may be easier than picking up new languages like Java and Cocoa, but you're still going to need to know how to do some programming. So what skills do you need to make good apps? O'Reilly Radar writer Howard Wen talked to Programming HTML5 Applications Zachary Kessin about what you need to know.
According to Kessin, some of the core skills for building HTML5 applications are:
Functional programming
Understanding of asynchronous operations
He notes that although you can get by without knowing a lot about JavaScript, he recommends really getting to know the language and using JSLint to clean-up your code. There's also JSHint, a more liberal alternative to JSLint ,Kessin also suggests using JQuery instead of directly accessing the DOM.
If you want to get started right away, we covered resources for learning HTML5 here, for learning JavaScript here and for learning JQuery here.
Of these resources, pay particular attention to Eloquent JavaScript, which covers functional programming.


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