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I am Blogging For a couple of months , I don't mind if I earn or don't even earn through Blogging, But I want to Share the Knowledge which I have, This article Would be one of the Best

India has evolved a lot , I mean technically , Facebook is like a school kids notebook, My nephew who is 6th class has a Facebook account, and he can operate computer better than some of my friends,

I had my first email id in 2002, that's when I started using computers , that's when emails were just html, and no Faster Internet speed, I ve been charged 2000/-RS in my school to get my first email id, and now I have my email in more than 200+ sites

But Things Rapidly changed Internet web1.0 ----> web 4.0 , Now we have Html 5 another level of internet, most of the guys who read this feel is there web version, or something called html 5 .

There has lot changed beyond the background , I merely find people who don't even know how to search things online, Nor the Google search, I even know software ENGINEERS WHO REALLY SAY THAT WE NEED TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS RATHER THAN TRY WITH OWN KNOWLEDGE

Now its so easy to have E-commerce sprouting , I need not roam for shops for recharging mobiles, Neither I have to stay in queue for getting movie ticket, Nor even a air ticket . . .Simplified
Recently I booked a tourist package, which is quite awesome, I Started on a Train, later the cab was ready without a call, hotel,food,Fun all with a single click


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