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Have You Seen The Rajni Kanths Website ?

Rajni creates wonders in Movies, His Fans create wonders on the world, The unique work of his fan is really impressive check it out

A website which runs ‘without an internet connection’. . .!

This site runs on Rajnis Power don't u believe it

Follow the Link.

interestingly, while browsing, if a user connects to the internet, a message pops up, which says, “This was unexpected. To keep browsing, switch off your internet”.

So, keep your internet connection off to enter the site. If a visitor attempts to re-connect the internet, an error message will appear in a Rajinikanth’s style.

“He is no ordinary Man:This is no ordinary website.

It runs on Rajni Power.

The only way to enter this website is by switching of your internet” is the message one gets.

The website has been designed by Wehutney for The developers of the site inspired by Rajini wanted to make the site unique in every way possible. WebChutney had a mandate to design Rajinikanth’s website for his 61st birthday and after going through many deliberations, they wanted the website to run on Rajni Power, not Internet.

So enter the Unique website and See Rajni Kanths Power

Rajni Rocks


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