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Evolution of king of Pop


Michael Jackson

The singer was badly burned when his hair caught fire during filming of a Pepsi advert in 1984, two years after he released Thriller, which became the best-selling album of all time.

As he recovered from the burns to his face, Jackson is said to have developed a debilitating addiction to powerful painkillers, which he was never able to shake off.

The addiction worsened after second accident during rehearsals for a 1993 tour, and again when he began to suffer back problems during his trial for child molestation in 2005.

Jackson is thought to have resorted to plastic surgery for the first time in 1984 to remedy the burns to his face, and later underwent a series of operations on his nose, chin, forehead and lips which dramatically altered his appearance.

The singer often denied reports that he frequently had plastic surgery, but admitted to two "nose jobs" and the creation of a cleft in his chin in his 1988 autobiography, Moon Walk.


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