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Proposed Pyramid City In Tokyo ,SHIMIZU PYRAMID

Tokyo one of the ever happening place on the planet, japan has almost every technology present on world,Shimizu Corporation, a top infrastructure company with a history of  200-year-old construction company that takes on projects of unprecedented magnitude and technological complexity, wants to build something that could make those skyscrapers in the Middle East look like village huts: a city-sized pyramid for Tokyo Bay that takes up 275 city blocks,This megacity would be so tall, and would have such tremendous volume that 24 80-story skyscrapers could be suspended within, and people would travel inside it via the tubes that are also supporting the enormous structure. It's extreme engineering, is almost equal to the 55 great pyramid GIza,in Egypt and contains a population the size of San Francisco. mainly inspire by the model of luxor hotel Las Vegas.
Inside Luxor Hotel

Luxor Hotel ,Las Vegas

An arcology, as architect Paolo Soleri calls it, is a theoretical structure combining architecture and ecology, and it’s only appeared in science fiction.
Shimizu is also hoping to build solar panels on the moon, and some other ‘mega’ projectsthat will make you feel like a caveman, and keep the National Geographic channel in business for a few years.
The technology used will be Carbon technology,there will be no glasses,Carbon structures will be used to upright this mega structure

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  1. this would be a future world wonder

    1. yes but will take many years to build this


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