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Using Atm’s Safely


No matter you enter a restaurant ,a movie Theater , a Mall everywhere we have Atm Machines and , Debit cards are accepted almost every where ,they are proven easy and safe usage of amounts,

But there is also a fact that With the advent of Atm Cards and ATM s available all around people are now using money quickly and more than they use to spend, as ATMs deliver instant cash this happens almost every where.


In Metropolitan cities people use ATM cards at least once,

Here are some Security methods which you should follow when using an ATM


Keep Your password Safe.

If anyone forces to draw money from your account ,simply type your password in a reverse order e.g.: if password is 1234 you should type 4321 this will block your transaction and intimates local police

Never give your card to a friend or Stranger ATM-Safety

Don't write your Atm pin on a paper or on your Atm card

Always Remember not to allow any idiot enter the ATM cabin when you are transacting


Call the watchman for assistance ,Watchmen's are trained by banks to help customers


Always look at the cameras when you use ATM coz if any thing goes wrong, they help you prove your identityatm-fees

Wait Patiently until you take out money,Slips and ATM card

After you are done with transaction just wipe your figures on the Keyboard ,this is for your safety, some people identify your pin using keystrokes ,they can steal your codeskimgallery1 500x_atm-large_02

Change ATM pin Regularly for at least a month

Never give your ATM 16 digit card no and CCv no to anyone



cvv1  CCV code



Never use your ATM debit/Credit card for Internet banking on public areas, like Internet Shops

Make Quick Transactions


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