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Chrome Browsers App Store “Chrome Web Store”

images (1) GOOGLE Web Store

Now Chrome is refreshing cool with Chrome Web Store,of course its released quite long ago . . .

but have you checked it , Yes lot of us just use chrome for browsing the internet,Chrome has lot of apps embedded,

You can use lot of apps for various purposes like web extensions ,Apps .for lot of productivity.

Like games,themes,Business Tools,Utilities,Social and communication apps

I have used many apps but the must apps would be


one click to facebook get notifications on your browser

Gmail Checker

counts if u have any new mails

Ad Block Plus

Blocks the unwanted ads when you browse a webpage

Google Quick Scroll

No need of clicking next page on results tab,just scroll down to have your relevant results on google



And lot more games like Angry Birds,Marble Quest and many more


So what you are waiting for go and try all the apps easy to install and use


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